How is a work of art created?

Sometimes you have to

The universe wants to express itself. How dull it would be to indulge in infinity and perfection, if one could experience also as man, beast, star, stone, galaxy, atom or volcanic eruption? Well, this is a big topic, perhaps the most important, but today it is about creativity.


When I am concerned with art, music, nature, in short, with things that irritate, interest and make happy, it seems to me as if I would recharge my inspirational battery. If, in a moment, I feel the impulse to make art and follow this impulse, the battery loading is almost discharged into the work.


If it were so easy. Of course, when I work my mind and focus while working I do not have control, then this is reflected on the screen again. But hesitant and careful work, to a certain extent reduces the tension in the picture.

Also simply without battery charging without focus or concept drauflosarbeiten so one accumulates experience and often unexpected good, which perhaps still needs a cut. If you are free from concepts, new ones can emerge. The freshness remains through this mental insecurity. Or mental silence.


And here we are back in the universe or simply: You. If you allow yourself to let your identification disappear with form (name, history, opinion, body, nationality, preferences, etc.), at least for the creative process, then something else, bigger, more all-embracing flows through you All the restrictions mentioned above.

The mind can hardly understand this and for the artist it can be challenging to represent such a variety of techniques, styles and features in its entirety. But it is worth it.


To be able to come to a conclusion is always courageous, not unstable or less authentic. How monstrous is it always to act out of the same shell, from the same Mindset? You see more when you're still. This does not mean that you do not reflect on the created and use your look for colors and shapes to grind the diamond but to bring a diamond to the canvas you have to be still. Avoiding the arrogance mean something to know and enjoy life light-footed. Instead of building bridges, throw yourself into the river. Or to quote Rumi:


"What is the soul?

I can not stop asking.

If I could taste one sip of an answer,

I could break out of this prison for drunks.

I have not been able to do this.

Whoever brought me here. "


Gregory ∞